Journey of Healing and Recovery

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At Journey of Healing and Recovery our vision is to help women in all stages of their recovery by providing a safe and supportive environment. 

The healing begins with our mind, body and spirit as they are all interconnected. Through addiction each element of our mind, body and spirit is broken, but not severed. This is paramount, meaning there is no prejudice in where you came from or what you have done which will prevent you from living a full life of sobriety.  

During the process of recovery there will be many emotions, stepping stones, obstacles and triumphs. It is how we handle living on life’s terms by working a 12-step program, having a sponsor and doing the next right thing. It is our commitment in working together we can develop a strong foundation of sobriety to build upon.

We're committed  
to helping you
"Life is not a journey separate from ourselves; we actually are the journey".  
-Author Unknown