Journey of Healing and Recovery

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Residents at Journey of Healing
Journey of Healing takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our residents.  It is of the upmost importance to provide you with a cohesive, healthy, structured environment.

Commitment to your sobriety

- Attendance to 90 meetings/90 days

- Get a sponsor

- Find a home group

- Build a sober support network 

Commitment to Journey of Healing

- Abstain from alcohol and drugs. A positive test for alcohol or drug use will result in immediate dismissal. 
     > Any form of alcohol or drugs on property will result in immediate dismissal. 

- Adhere house rules 

-Employment/Volunteering/Student - Mandatory
     > Finding and obtaining employment
     > College Student
     > Volunteering Optional (In the event that your financial means allows you not to work, volunteering will
        be required)